One soup per day for 3 days with a different soup for each day.

Soups include:


Soup 1 - Curried Cauliflower

Soup 2 - Carrot & Cumin 

Soup 3 - Broccoli & red lentil


For best results If your having the 1x soup per day we would recommend you to have it for your dinner before 7pm. For breakfast ideas, stick to non processed foods such as oats, fruit & plant based milk or peanut butter and banana on whole meal toast or smoothie of your choice. For lunch we would recommend a salad of your choice. Once you have ordered you will receive an email with your detox package and guidance! 


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  • You will receive an email containing your detox package once you have ordered which includes your plan and guidance. 

    All soups and juices are made fresh to order, no product is pre made or frozen. 

    Soups can be kept for up to 3 days and Juice for 5 days on delivery date and must be kept in the fridge. Your soups and juices come in tamperproof packaging.

    Soup containers are mincrowaveable.